Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why The Purple Tattoo?

Welcome.  Many of you are probably asking, "why The Purple Tattoo"?  Well, purple is the ribbon color for Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  I have just been diagnosed with Stage II Hodgkins.  The tattoo part comes from my dear friend Jamie.  She has suggested that when I have this thing beat and am cancer free that we get matching purple ribbon tattoos.  So,The Purple Tattoo represents a battle won!

There are so many people who have reached out to me to ask how I am and what is going on there is just not enough time to inform everyone individually.  This will be the place I post all that information.  Please continue to check in with me, call, text, all helps!  It feels good to be connected to so many caring people.  I need and appreciate all your love and support throughout this challenge!

I will write another entry tomorrow to explain this from the beginning when I found the lump under my arm in mid December through first of 12 chemo treatments.