Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Halfway There

Well, today was treatment number 6.  I am halfway done with chemotherapy!

My fifth treatment was a long one.  It started out with news from the doctor that my latest pulmonary function tests show some damage.  Due to this he has taken me off one of my chemo drugs, bleomycin.  At this point he said the damage outweighs the benefit.  It does NOT change his prognosis for my being cancer free at the end of treatment.  They may add it back in at a later date.  I am glad he is precaucious, but I can't lie...taking the drug out scares me.  The cure is ABVD, not AVD! With this damage I have developed "chemo cough"  and can definitely feel the difference.  No more stairs for me, if I use them I cough for a good hour! Not fun!

After the news about my lungs I went to chemo.  For the third treatment in a row I had this strange sensation and started coughing.  The nurses feared that my port was leaking so we stopped using it and did the treatment through my arm.  I had to go have a dye study done on my port and luckily it proved to be working pefectly!  The cough is just my new thing, I guess.  Had the port been leaking that would have meant another surgery, so this was very good news.

The weekend after treatement #5 the Davidson's came to visit us.  Even in the aftermath of treament I enjoyed them being here, even if I could not fully partcipate!  It was good to have our families together!

The two weeks between 5 and 6 were rough.  I really only had 1 really good day.  That was really frustratin to me.  I have had to admit that I am not able to do everything I have been.  I have to slow down a little.  I have to stop just telling everyone I'm okay when I'm really not.  I have to stop pushing myself as hard.  I have to take some of the help that my wonderful friends and family are offering.  That's hard.  I'm a lot more fatigued than I have been with previous treatments and a still experiencing the bone pain.  I'm having some other issues which I will call "digestive issues' and will spare you the TMI version.  LOL

Vicki has been here the last week!  I am so glad to see her.  We are all.  Lucas is on spring break so she has been taking care of him while Mark and I work.  They have had a great time together.  She has also helped me a great deal just by fixing dinner and doing some stuff around the house.  It has given me a chance to relax a little.  We really haven't done anything super exciting...just hanging at home, but it has been a great visit!

Treatment #6 out of 12 was today...I am halfway done with chemo!
Today's treatment was much better.  To start off, I am back on Wednedays so I got to sit with my friend, Kathy.  This gives me some good company.  I also met a gentleman named Frank today, and had a good conversation with him about food and world travel.  My mom brought me sandwich from Jersey Mike's for lunch and hung out with us for a little while!  My port worked fine.  I was out of there by 2:30!  I came home and took a very long nap and then tonight we enjoyed a fire on the lanai, roasted marshmellows and made s'mores!  It was nice and chilly out and the fire felt good!

Now I'm awake...normal for a chemo night.  I think it is from steroids that are in my medcine.  So, I'm cactching up on TV and my blog.

I know this entry is about the bad stuff that I've experienced over the last two weeks,but it feels good to vent.  The point of this blog is to inform friends and family about how I am doing so I am being honest.  I had a few minutes of tear the last week or so just out frustration with my body, but that's okay.  Sometims you have got to just get it out...  I'm hoping this round will be easier than last, but I can handle it no matter what. I promise myself to ask for more help from this point on and rest a little more when I need it.

The chemo brain has gotten memory sucks.  I forget things mid sentence sometimes!  It is driving me crazy!!

Tomorrow I go for my Neulasta shot. This is the shot that helps me produce white blood cells...and causes the stupid bone pain.

Tomorrow would also be my dad's 70th birthday were he still here with us.  I can't even imagine.

'night all

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